Let’s help Bali (COVID19)

Please help us support the health and wellbeing of the beautiful people of Bali

Your donation means a lot

Beach Lifestyle Living has taken a very keen interest in the health and wellbeing of the people of Bali. For many years we have either had friendship connections through holidays, travel, or business relationships when we were also an importing company bringing in furniture and other amazing homewares from this incredible island.


The journey of Amanda and Ellie

2 Australian young ladies who live in Bali with their young families, started a small movement to help a small group of people and it has turned into their daily ritual with teams doing big and beautiful deeds for the humble smiling families that have little or nothing now that the island has been cut off from their greatest source of income – TOURISM!!  We all know someone up there – we have all been there many many times…we have all had amazing experiences of kindness and hospitality that goes with those beautiful big smiles! 


How to help

The best way of helping is to set up a weekly payment from your account for an amount of say $5 or $10 for say 3 months… then they have an even cash flow to continue this amazing work… but for those that just wish to contribute adhoc you can either donate in our store to the jar on our front counter (which I match all donations ?) or through the link on our shop page Let’s Help Bali and I will send the funds up in a bulk amount to Amanda to use for food and other pressing supplies for the people as required!

A word from Amanda

“My whole life I’ve been someone who helps others, no questions asked, big or small I was always willing to help someone in need anyway I could. When covid shut the world i spent the first couple of weeks isolating at home, never going out and trying to rearrange all our bookings for 2020, I realised once my friends started to message asking if I had any money to “loan” them for rice, that there was going to be a great need over the next few weeks until the world opened back up, so I laid in bed and couldn’t sleep and then suddenly I made a FB post asking my friends for $1.50 to supply decent meals to 100 people in need, I then roped Ellie in somehow to help me, I thought this won’t be for long, it will help me mentally as well, and then here we are 10 months later hundreds of thousands of people have got help from us, just a few over my goal of 100. *smile*​ We haven’t stopped since day 1, my dream to help 100 people became something so much more than I dreamed, I’m so happy I can help these people every day. I love hearing their life stories, I genuinely love their will to survive and still smile and most of all I love how they never give up no matter what life throws at them. We can learn so much, I know I have since March last year, and I will continue learning every single day on this journey. Our midweek challenge is up, it’s for our disability communities here in Bali, these people struggle and never give up, they are really misunderstood here, my heart aches so much for them, when corona is over, I have another dream to continue helping the disabled and focus on mental health, but for now getting them essentials and making sure they know they are still loved and cared for is important ?
? the link is below to donate” Amanda


Join the journey

Follow along, it is incredible what 2 beautiful women can achieve and for those of us that walk in this world wishing we could always do more this gives you the helping hands to do what is needed…. baby formula for mummas that don’t have enough dietary food themselves to produce their own milk, the elderly whose children would have worked in tourism and helped them with their living expense (these have all but dried up now with no tourism to speak of). 
ONE DAY – when the world can return to normal and we can all move freely once more we need to have something to return to… the journey back for the poor will be long and hard…. we have the means with albeit small contributions to make a huge difference in the lives of a nation we were once thrilled to play in! 


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